Reach for me…?

November 8th, 2017

“Stand with me. It’s all I’ve ever wanted.” (The Doctor to Missy)

I’m not sure what I’ve made, but here it is: reach-for-me.html
Now will you sing me a song?

October 2017 – The month that was

November 3rd, 2017

October was restlessness and indecisiveness. Laughing at nothing, trying to write and staring at a frayed sky.

• Some days were cold. Some days were draining, others were slow.
• I sat through a film, but there was a song in my head and never really saw the film.
• I travelled to look at art and slept in a room with red curtains.
• Raindrops fell on me and someone whispered something (in French) in my ear.
• Someone left sweets for me at work.
• I think I fell in love with a boy I cannot touch. A ghost. A dream.
• I dreamt of quiet seas and starlit nights.
• I didn’t go to the haunted house on the 31st; I gave the candy to my friend.