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Quixotic (an XML poem)

Friday, August 7th, 2015

So, I wrote another xml poem (this is meant to replace the old “Reverie in XML“)
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<poem title="quixotic" type="experimental/3xp3r1m3n74l" cat="dreams" xml:id="p1"> 
         <!- -a love poem (only in my dreams…)- -> 
         <dedication>for the boy with the flickering, brown eyes </dedication>

         <dreams>  <!- -dreams gushing through empty streets- -> 

                <dream n="1" type="reccuring" cat="soliloquy"> 
                         your fingers like starlight ribbons softly touching me 
                <dream n="2" type="daydream" cat="whisper"> 
                         <line n="1">rose petals fall quietly upon the sea</line> 
                         <line n="2">the rain recedes,</line> 
                         <line n="3">unveiling the long hidden stars</line> 
                         <line n="4">and all those dreams, we thought we lost long ago</line> 
                <dream n="3" type="lucid" cat="confession"
                         I love you 
                         (this is the farthest/highest I’ve ever been) 
               </dream>  <!- -if only you could see me now- ->  
                <dream n="4" type="signal" cat="wish">never let go</dream> 
                                       <!- -stay with me, always- -> 
                <dream n="5" type="mutual" cat="echo">
                         (this is forever)