- Eirene Evripidou


Sometimes the moon breaks its promise and turns a dusky grey-black. Sometimes it cries as it fades away. And sometimes I don’t even notice. Tears always cling to the corners of my eyes. Sometimes I try to run, but I have no destination. I try to dream you here, but the pain keeps me restless. I try to stand against the storm, against the waves of the most furious sea, but silence always falls.
You are not here and you might never be. And what is a dream without hope? A life without a lighthouse?
Sometimes I wake up, from dreaming white mornings where I am but a river and stardust is gathering and there is loneliness and there is you and I don’t believe in forevers anymore.
{I still love you though}
Sometimes I scatter the rose-ashes in the wind; and gaze at a sunset-bleeding sky… One day, one day… (you have the midday sky in your eyes) and one day we’ll intertwine like dream-threads and gossamer love-stories.
{don’t you see? you remind me that life is short and yet it burns so brilliantly bright… (if you let it)}          I love you…

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  1. So beautiful! It makes me want to draw Sailor Moon fan art XD It kinda reminded me of some characters from it.

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