- Eirene Evripidou


false ceilings, water dripping
somewhere it’s raining and somewhere a star is collapsing into a black hole
my own skin feels foreign
beneath my young face I’m too old for this
it feels like silent implosions and bitter coffee at 4:00 am
I crave rosewater and pomegranates
white noise blurred with dreadful emptiness; and sometimes this is all nights really are
jaded poetry echoing through time
a dusked wish, an empty stare, a knot in my stomach
why am I still locked up?
did you use to pray?
silence, numbness, exhaustion
ghostlike lights through broken window-glass
503 error: (it’s all too much)
bullets through yearned for dreams
exhaling finalities that tremble at my fingertips
time and sleep don’t heal
don’t name stars that are long gone after me
abandoned lighthouses on corroded shores
I don’t want anchors, let me leave
everything is borrowed but the poetry in my veins, do let me sing
you are a stranger, still – but I knew it all along (I hide the tears)
my words are untamed, intrepid, snowdrops blooming when everything else dares not
I can always lie when I see you and I will always love you
dream-ash falling into the crevices of an ecliptic sky
my flight is delayed again
I love you, but you will never know
(I made a wish, threw the ashes in the sea and let the tide erase my footprints)
I love you, but you will never know

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