- Eirene Evripidou

I miss you

Autumn is eclipsing; it’s getting colder and my lips are getting numb. And I’m still haunted by ghosts of waking dreams. I’m still haunted by your eyes, those soft, sky-blue eyes.

You are not here.
And it’s not alright.
I miss you.
There are so many things I still haven’t told you.
Is it all over? Because I’m still waiting. And I can still see the moon through the cigarette fog.
I still believe.
Autumn is dying.
Are we too?
Or are we like the stars – already dead? Already gone – forever… Yet still clinging to light…
I still want to believe.
But the silence is insufferable.
And yet I can discern a rustling of hope carried with the late-night wind.
My eyes blaze up. And I am awaiting again.
Please don’t be long.
I miss home.
I miss you.

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