- Eirene Evripidou

Last of 2016

It’s dark again. I am cold and tired. The night’s full of cobwebbed dreams, and broken mirror glass. Broken reflections.
                         & I can see your face in each one of them.
4:41am, still awake, numb fingertips, unequipped to paint the blue of your eyes.
Tears cascade down to loneliness, it smells like fading jasmines and burnt promises.
I search for you in the empty sheets, even though I know. I breathe in the cigarette ashes, as your touch becomes but a fading ghost. 
Aimless, the moon now wanders.
                         Your lips taste like strawberries and silence.
Every time we touch, we are only strangers. Everything has become fleeting: you, the stars, last night’s dream. All dreams, all stars, all days and nights.
But it’s almost January now and I’m sorry, but I’m not Icarus, you are not the sun and I won’t burn for you.
So goodbye ashes and sorrow and lying and forgetting.
Goodbye wings that were unable to hold me up…

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