- Eirene Evripidou

I don’t know

Sometimes it gets too cold. Cold, desolate and empty. It’s like I’m always falling towards no end. It’s like I’m replaceable and you don’t even blink. I guess you lied, the way I lie, when I say I’m fine.
I found past dreams folded as origami stars. Your name written in stardust-ink. I always knew it was a bad idea, but without hope, how do I keep breathing?
And now, grief is pouring down, regrets are filling gaps and I’m leaving trails of ash and salt-water tears, wherever I go.
You are not here anymore, and the moon’s left to clean up the mess.

           tell me,

& I tried. But it hurts. It hurts. Too much. And I hate you me for this.
Now, I should chase away the ghosts of my dreams, throw away your cigarettes and replant the stars on the bare sky. Again…


// The Great Divide, VNV Nation [Count your doubts with broken smiles / covered your hurt in your pride / no need for reasons, none to confide / look back and bid farewell for one last time]



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