A love in winter

“You’re all I wanted, all I love”- Dark Angel, Bloodflowerz

• Whispers in the rain, like underwater kissing, a cherished dream, your lips on mine, don’t tell me how it ends, don’t tell me it ends.
• I’m dreaming again. Eyes open wide. No people. Just possibilities…
• I’m not just made of rose petals and porcelain; I bent, but never break against the hard edges of this world.
• Maybe some things are immune to decay.
• I’m always, always, thinking of you…
• I buried my love for you under layers and layers of phoenix ash.
• Look beyond the mirror’s distortions. We are beautiful.
• Collected stardust-wishes being scattered along a forgetful sky.
• The nightingale sings her poem to a lovelorn moon.
• Sometimes midnight persists, and clouds like ashes gather, but dawn’s only a breath (a kiss, a kiss from you) away.
• The only thing that scares me is your silence.
• We are not Atlases, let go, and just keep holding me.
• Behind veils of starlit melancholia there is so much (hope) (for us).
• …don’t tell me it ends.

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