- Eirene Evripidou

After March

March is over now, and where are you? There’s a void, where the nightingale’s rose should be. & I’m just an ivory girl; a tear-soaked trail of feelings left behind me. I’m quivering, filled with the inability to forget (you). An undefined sadness, an almost-shadow hiding in the corner of my green-blue eyes. A constant reminder of how it hurts. To know. To feel. To remember.
How fragile we really are… (and yet how strong)
Am I disappearing in the background, or falling out of frame? The key is still missing, and all the doors are locked. The night devoid of stars, like a desolate veil, falls on my arms. And maybe one day, after everything, I won’t hesitate. Maybe one day I’ll believe. Maybe one day I’ll be free of Atlas’ weight.
Maybe today.
And the thing is I will always love you. Growing up I collected my dreams, stored them in mason jars. Today I set them free.
Today after days of stumbling upon the remains of a borrowed life, after battling with aphonia for four days, and after a funeral (a dose of denial, hidden behind a malfunctioning smile); today I set myself free, first day of spring, first day of something new. First day of everything.

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