- Eirene Evripidou

The fights you cannot see

“A cache of courage to brace against the blinding pain
Each one of us fights battles no one else can see
Some days just waking up is an act of bravery”
– Bravery, Assemblage 23

They brought her flowers in the hospital. But she couldn’t see. Drenched in shadows and silence and pain. That never-ending pain. Take your pills, young girl, they say. Take your pills and maybe you’ll be alive tomorrow. Don’t give up, they say. But (truth is) they never stay. And the flowers wither; the days pass and those white walls get greyer as does the sky outside.
{They bring us flowers, but they never stand with us. They never fight. They never understand.
And it’s killing us to try. But we do it everyday.}


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