- Eirene Evripidou

Even for a moment

“Still far away / From where I belong / But it’s always darkest / Before the dawn”
– Coming Home, Part II, Skylar Grey

It’s getting dark. Dark. Darker.
At 4am I can only think of you.

Shadows are crawling, but your smile is soft. There is a whole sky in your eyes.
 Stardust and clouds and rain and light.
I’ll always remember your eyes…
                I’ll always remember when your lips parted and met mine.
You said we can be Icarus for one day. Touch eternity. Become gods.

                  { just grab my hand… }
            {how can I resist?}
We are dreaming like rivers and silver storms. 

We are getting too close to the moon and – you should know – nothing is non-flammable, my love.
Nothing can save us, but together we are sky and ocean merged, moonlight and hope, and a million possibilities.
Nothing can save us.
But for one moment we’ll be gods.


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