- Eirene Evripidou

Dandelion Wish

Drowning dreams & moments of forgetting how to breathe.
The night is thick. ~ starless ~
Silence. Silence. (Raindrops fall softly on my skin.)
         (I wish you were here.)
Loneliness stagnating. Cold fingers intertwined.
                                             (I wish you were here.)

(Can you hear me?)

You see…
I’m a girl: a patchwork of roses, possibilities and words. 
               (A patchwork of) secret love, grief and dying hope.
I’m a girl (dark hair, pale skin, sea eyes). I’m filled with storms and starlight overdoses, frayed love letters, and ashes from half-forgotten dreams.

(I whisper, I whisper…)

& YOU with your blue eyes, softer than forget-me-nots… (There is a shadow in them. Like a memory, or a clinging tear… A doubt, a hesitation.)
        I made you into a story about moonlight, sadness, and hourglass sand.
(a message in a bottle / an echo in a dream / a petal in the river)
.    .    .
In this story you are the Sun and I am Icarus.

(& yes, I will burn)

(But I will reach for you, anyway.)

~ ~ ~ I’m not afraid of falling, I’m not afraid of the raging sea, I’m not afraid of the wing-burning sun.
       (not for you) not for you


And… When you wake up, maybe you’ll remember.
Maybe you’ll know.
              (I think I saw a glint of light in your eyes.)

.    .    .

The last petal still clings, but we are running out of time.

If only you could see me…
I’m knee-deep in dendelions, longings and ashes.
I cannot sing, but I promise you, I will always answer.
(stardust & silence)


I will always stand by you.
         (And I do wish you were here.)
The End…

(I wrote you a poem about raindrops, dream static, a dandelion wish.)
Silence. Silence. (But can you hear me?)

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