- Eirene Evripidou

Ghost Love

Just finished a new twine (or something like it) – just click on it…:

Ghost Love

Also, this is unrelated to the twine, but I never wrote anything about 2018, so here’s something:

2018 – The year that was

2018 flew away so fast. A year of tiptoeing on the edge of dreams and could-be-timelines. A year of reaching for something unreachable, intangible, like moonlight, like a promise.

At 2am drinking champagne and counting wasted daisy-petals & at 4am thinking of rain and oceans blue like your eyes.
I think I remember you from a dream, or maybe a poem that burned on my lips.

The months were filled with that longing for non-flammable wings, for roses and and hope. Just hope.
Hope to escape. To leap through the half-light into the galaxies – stardust burning, and almost forgetting how much it hurt(s).
(Just hope.)

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