• I’m a girl, a poet, a high-functioning reverie.
  • I’m trying to reach a frail moon. Holding raindrops in shaking hands, hope in clear eyes.
  • I’ve watched my cobwebbed dreams quietly fade (ashes to ashes).
  • I’ve fallen in love with ghosts. (The nightingale should never bleed for them.)
  • It wasn’t a stray bullet that hit me.
  • The sky is a graveyard and I’m stained silver.
  • When the night falls like silence, your absence leaves me gasping.
  • In sorrow or in solitude I create dream-timelines.
  • I long to know the scent of your lips.
  • My flowers are soaked in tears, yet they still bloom.
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Hello! My name is Eirene Evripidou. I live in Athens (Greece) where I work in an art gallery. I write confessional & hypertext poetry, flash fiction and web-code. I also take photographs which sometimes I exhibit... (more about me...)


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