Don’t wait too long

I’m a girl with eyes like a pre-sunset ocean. A girl with crumpled roses and unrequited wishes, underneath a sky of blue longings. At dawn I can see my reflection on broken glass; a million fragments of possibilities / regret / grief / hope.

The moon is shaped like a fragment from a dream about you. I remember your eyes leaking the blue of the sky. & I thought I could almost reach you.

I’m trailing a light, a whisper, an echo or a promise. Are you still here? Your voice is etched on me… Moonlit dreams run in my veins, and I can’t let go.

I keep clutching on my fragile dreams.
The last petal still clings, but we are running out of time.

Are you still here?

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Hello! My name is Eirene Evripidou. I live in Athens (Greece) where I work in an art gallery. I write confessional & hypertext poetry, flash fiction and web-code. I also take photographs which sometimes I exhibit... (more about me...)


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