- Eirene Evripidou

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Beyond the silence

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

Silence has fallen yet again and it does’t matter who you are anymore. Sadness has turned to apathy.
I’ve forgotten how to let the snow melt and everything is too cold.
I’m too scarred, ghosts of all the dreams I once had.
All the stars are contained in the wrong sky – I cannot see, I cannot see…
I fall against the hollow ground. No voice to scream, anymore. The storm is stilled, but the emptiness is stagnant. Hopeless, I swallow the empty air. Clouded – I don’t think I ever belonged here. They never loved me, only the idea of me. And that’s gone now. I placidly shattered it to a billion pieces and they’ll never, ever know me. I have no fingerprints, but these words. And I have tried so hard to reunite the lighting with the thunder, I have tried so hard not to drown in someone else’s dreams. I’m not fragile. I’m not made of sweet sleep and night-wishes. I’m made of starbursts and thunder-waves. I’m stronger than this. And though silence has fallen and constellations have scattered all over; though the cold has soaked the ground, my words will never fade. They will never fade.