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I’m a girl

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

I’m a girl with pale skin, bruised knees and ocean eyes filled with a siren’s song.
A girl made of rose petals and longings. The smell of petrichor. The touch of the wind.
A hoarder of old love letters and the inevitability they carry with them.
You should know, that I’m a girl, but I will not cry for the broken hopes they took away, I will not betray my dreams and throw them into the black holes of those who do not understand.
I’m not soft, I’m not frail. I’m a poet and follow no structures, no rules. No compromises.
I am not who I was: a young caterpillar. I’ve changed, just like caterpillars do. And I’m a girl: black dress, reddish-brown lipstick and words that burn like stars falling, words that create, words that endure.