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I’m a girl

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

I’m a girl with pale skin, bruised knees and ocean eyes filled with a siren’s song.
A girl made of rose petals and longings. The smell of petrichor. The touch of the wind.
A hoarder of old love letters and the inevitability they carry with them.
You should know, that I’m a girl, but I will not cry for the broken hopes they took away, I will not betray my dreams and throw them into the black holes of those who do not understand.
I’m not soft, I’m not frail. I’m a poet and follow no structures, no rules. No compromises.
I am not who I was: a young caterpillar. I’ve changed, just like caterpillars do. And I’m a girl: black dress, reddish-brown lipstick and words that burn like stars falling, words that create, words that endure.

May 2017 – The month that was

Sunday, June 18th, 2017

May was sadness and a sun hiding behind rain clouds. It was travelling even more and going out and hiding behind a laughter that wasn’t quite my own.
I did so many fun things, but everything was obscured by a grey-veil. A cold, numbing veil that covered up my days and left behind trails like muddied snowflakes.
The days seemed fleeting. There was loneliness and moonlight pooling in my almost grey eyes. A sorrowful silence between breaths and words.
And out of the shadows, there was a familiar, yet dark voice. Asking me where I am. (“I’m right here.” “Just let go…, let go…“) Sometimes. It’s too dark out there. & some people pull you too deep down…
But it’s almost summer now. And I’ve already discarded my old cocoons like cigarette ashes. For I’ve realised that all my limits are self-inflicted. And I might have been Persephone, but Hades: you only rule the dead and I never even cared for you anyway.