- Eirene Evripidou

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January 2017 – The month that was

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

January the 1st: We bid farewell to 2016, relieved, but without fireworks. We had champagne and the New Year’s cake. Grandma won the not so gold coin. There was still snow outside. I wrote a poem. Discarded it later. There was silence, then excitement.
I went out that night and didn’t return.
The rest of the month was a bit quiet.
The weather was indescribable. Cold and warm, and cold and colder and even colder and then not so cold and then warm and then sunny and then snowy again and then cold and then I’m not sure anymore.
I was uninspired. Went to work, pole dancing, climbing, out with friends (shopping, dinner, cinema, drinks). Didn’t read any books, but watched a few TV series… & Re, re, re, re – watched Doctor Who. (Yes, of course, I’m a geek Whovian!)
Had to make choices. Crossing things out of lists. And making new ones. New lists, as well as new friends…
It’s February now, still cold, still so many choices to make… but at least I won’t be alone in making them…