Amelia (reworked)

My name is Amelia.
Not Amelia Pond, just Amelia, I’ve never known the Doctor. But I have travelled in different dream dimensions and worlds devised by poets. I have seen skies with different constellations and amethyst moons, but I’ve also seen black holes – complete darkness. Don’t blink. Don’t even dare to blink.

I have felt the pain of a thousand dying stars. And it hurt. So much. I still can’t shake the sadness. How did you get those scars, they ask. And they don’t seem to understand how roses-thorns can make you bleed, how words can scar you forever.

And I might look young, but I’m so old now. I have seen so much. Bled so much, loved so much.
I know pain, but I also know hope (and sometimes hope is all you have).

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