About Me Questions

Who are you?
I’m a girl; dark brown hair, green eyes, pale skin. A girl writing wor(l)ds and code and dreams.

What are you afraid of?
I’m afraid of black holes pulling me in. I’m afraid of the emptiness, the utter despair, the inability to reach you.
& I’m afraid of those doorless white rooms, where everything is white and we are fading and no one notices.

What are you against?
I’m fighting against gravity, against the fear that stems from ignorance.

What would you tell the one you love?
I’m always, always, right here for you…

What’s your sexual orientation?
Kiss a girl who likes other girls and a boy who used to kiss boys. The boy with the beautifully-coloured eyes and singing voice. (I can always hear him singing.)
Fear and ignorance cannot really hold us apart; please remember that.

What mistakes have you made?
I was silent for too long. I let them take so much, I let their words hurt me. I let the hate and anger and fear almost win. Sticks and stones they say. But words, words are so much more powerful…

Have you ever stolen anything?
I’ve stolen the moon once. Hid it behind my ribcage. Away from here, I gleamed like silver fire; a dream of you always pulsing in my veins. I was never fragile.
But it burnt, it burnt so much.

Have you ever lied?
I have been lying for so long… It’s always being too easy (“yes, I’m fine, no, it doesn’t hurt, I’m fine, I’m fine) – hold back the tears, let them burn your eyes – they’ll never, ever know…

Why do you write?
Because when I don’t write, I stop breathing too.

“Suicide is, after all, the opposite of the poem.” – Anne Sexton

“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.” – Martin Luther

What is the most daring thing to do in a lifetime?
Endure, dream, believe, live.
Be yourself and live.


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