Moonlight and Sadness

I’m a girl born under a greying sky. A poet-girl, pale with eyes filled with sea and sky.
I’m living underneath viole(n)t skies stained with streaks of moonlight and sadness.
I gather stardust that slips like time-sand from my hands; like tears when the lilies wither.
I’m a girl with wor(l)ds forming at the tip of my lips. A girl, heartbeat by heartbeat, longing to be known; to know.
At the edge of today, I’m standing at the shore just before the tide, salt-tears burning the corners of my eyes.
Dreams are dying, but I’m still.
Dandelion seeds settle around me. I’ve only one wish.
Every sigh, every plucked daisy petal is for you.

I’m a girl collecting sad letters by doomed lovers. I’m preserving snowflakes, as if eternity could ever be tangible.
As if man-made wings could ever withstand the fire. As if you could love me.
As if you could burn the way I burn…
As if…

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