Some nights I think about you

Dreams have become static, like raindrops suspended on rose-petals. Moonlight falls softly piercing veils of uncertainty.
Silence fills the empty space. & I’m drifting towards something fleeting, like the nightingale’s song, like happiness promises of happiness, like days with you.
Sadness is inevitable.
 I can never really reach you: (the boy with the dark brown eyes.)
 I’m the girl that has broken all the hourglasses; the girl with the tear-stained love letters written at 2am.
 I’m the girl that loves a boy, but when I knock no one’s home.

1 thought on “Some nights I think about you

  1. cindy


    these are so lovely, thoughtful and full of the longing and angst that is so very human.

    we arrive on june 6th. i cant believe it is so soon. it will be wonderful to see you again, your studio, see hara and relax and enjoy athens.

    take good care and see you so soon. cindy


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