The girl under the starless sky

A starless sky. Silence. Just silence.

My tears are suspended like a last heartbeat. 

I try to breathe, I try to write the pain away.

(I miss you.)

I’m a girl with moonlight on her lips. Insomnia, an unraveling ocean.

Broken love, bruised moon.

I stitch myself up (forgive, just forgive). But the rose has no petals left.

A river flows, it carries away all the moments that can never come. 

Loneliness is pooling and I’m starved for oxygen. Promise me: it will not end in regret.

(I still miss you.)

I’m a girl suffocating on roses – unclaimed love letters. A quiet storm.
I’m the poet-girl drifting between evanescent dreams and cloudy days. Longing for what fills the void.

(I miss you, like I miss the moon.)

Your face fades, but I still remember your smile. 

And I’m a girl, trying to survive. I can barely contain the ocean inside.

My heart aches.
 A never-ending state of suspension/uncertainty.

Dream static, a half-breath, a constant sadness. I wish you were here.

The sky is violet, and I’ve been waiting for so long. In my last dream I asked for rain so I could hide. 

A flood of lies and half-lies (“I’m fine. Everything’s fine. Tomorrow I’ll be ok.“).

Fading bruises, fading faith. Tomorrow I’ll be somewhere else.

       I’m a girl inside an unlocked cage. 
      “One of these days I’ll run away“, I say. “One of these days.

. . . . . .

I whisper his name, (oh god, we are lucky we are mortal) and sink into my own dying sunset. I sink with the sun.

And now it’s all dark again.

And I still miss you.

. . . . . .

An echo from a dream or a different timeline. Fragments of a love story. I’m not your Annabel Lee. I’m not Amy and you are not Rory. Maybe in a different time… Different place… Maybe…

But for now let’s call it a night.

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