Out of the ashes

I’m the girl with rain in my veins. The girl that almost died. Now my thoughts are tainted, stained with all of my pain.
And in the darkest night, all we can do is bleed.
All we can do is wait…

                  Or maybe we can dream ourselves away.

I may be silent, but I was never diffident. I don’t break. I don’t give up. I cling to my dreams; no safety net.

I know pain, but I also know hope.
I’m held together with  hope – a rose out of the ashes.
(A girl molded by violence, but now she is stardust.)

Sometimes the silence is ugly. Distance is ugly.
I wish we could plant flowers here.
I wish moonlight could sustain us.

I wish you could really see (me).

And though I can never forget, I’ll always remember how you showed me another way. How you gave me hope for another day.

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