Love, unrequited

This pain, this piercing, acidic pain; this pain I have to carry with me, that only bleeding can distract me from it, this pain – a thousand suns burning inside me – I never asked for it. My only crime was to love you. My only crime was to fall for you. My only crime.

And I die. For you. Everyday.

No, you don’t understand. I will always love you, no matter what. I’ll always care for you, I’ll always bleed, always die, every single day.

And I tried to forget,
but your voice echoes in my head.
A constant longing.
A constant noose around my neck.

I wanted you so badly to be Rory. My Rory. But maybe I was never Amelia, just Ophelia drowning, and you’ll never be able to resuscitate me, because you don’t love me enough to put breath back into my lungs.
Maybe I was mad all along.
Maybe you could never love me.
Maybe this is goodnight.

(But I’ll never forget.)
                I can’t forget.
A thousand suns burning inside me…
A thousand suns
         and I’m still not ashes…
I still believe.

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